Medieval Art

Medieval Art by Marto from Toledo Spain. Medieval, ancient and fantasy collectibles for sale. Spanish jewelry, walking canes, medieval gifts with symbols of Templars, King Arthur, Lionheart and other famous knights, kings and warriors.

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  • Spanish Jewelry

    Spanish Jewelry-damascene jewelry, Templar jewelry and medieval jewelry from Toledo Spain. Luxury but affordable jewelry from medieval times. Knight jewelry with a knight symbols. Templar seal rings, Templar crosses and seals.

  • Zippo Lighters

    Zippo Lighters-damascene zippo lighters with knight motives. Medieval zippo lighters made in Toledo Spain. Medieval knight collectibles and gifts for sale.

  • Gold Watches

    Damascene Gold Watches by Midas from Toledo Spain. Gold watches with a real damascene design. Damascene artworks made of 24K gold. Luxury watches for history fans.

  • Medieval Gifts

    Medieval Gifts for sale. Medieval Artfor history fans. Luxury medieval and fantasy gifts. Medieval collectible items. Medieval chess sets, plates and framed pictures. Collectible items for your home decor, hand made gifts from Toledo in Spain.

  • Walking Canes

    Walking canes for sale. Luxury walking canes from Toledo, Spain. Walking canes with Masonic, Templar, Judaic and Christian symbols. Walking canes of the famous knights, kings and warriors. Templar, masonic and knight canes. Medieval collectibles for sale.

  • History Flags

    History Flags and Banners made by Marto Swords from Toledo Spain. Medieval flags of the Famous knight Orders. Flags of Templar, Teutonic, Hospitaller, St. James and Calatrava knight orders. Knight flags and banners from medieval wars.

    Templar banner: red cross on a white field. Red cross on a divided white/black field.
    Hospitaller banner: white cross on a black field.
    Teutonic banner: black cross on a white field.
    St. James banner: red St. James cross on a white field.
    Calatrava knight banner: red cross on a black field.

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Showing 25 - 31 of 31 items