Medieval Armor

Medieval armor for sale made by Marto swords from Toledo. Luxury medieval armor, knight armor sets, jousting armor, ancient and fantasy armor. Helmets, shields, breastplates, suits of armor. Various armor miniatures for decoration.

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  • Medieval Helmets

    Medieval Helmets for sale made by Marto Toledo Spain. Luxury ancient, medieval, renaissance and fantasy helmets. Knight helmets with a historical symbolism and meaning. Templar great helms, crusader helmets, luxury medieval and renaissance jousting and tournament helmets with feathers.

  • Medieval Shields

    Medieval Shields by Marto Toledo Spain. Luxury ancient, medieval and renaissance shields. Knight and warrior shields with coat of arms. Famous shields-shields of famous knights and warriors including King Arthur Shield, Richard Lionheart, Charles V, Alexander the Great, El Cid. Ancient Roman and Greek shild including Roman and Spartan shields. Medieval viking, knight and crusader shields. Luxury renaissance shields of famous kings and military leaders. Scutum-Roman shield. Greek roound dhields including Spartan shield from 300 movie. Viking kite and round shields with a viking symbols. Targe-Scottish shield. Knight and crusader shields including Templar shields with Templar cross and Templar seal.

  • Breastplates

    Breastplates-Marto armor by for sale. Luxury armor made by Marto from Toledo Spain. Templar breastplates and cuirasses with symbols of Knights Templar. Part of medieval knight armor.

  • Medieval Gauntlets

    Medieval Gauntlets by Marto Swords Toledo Spain. Knight gauntlets. Steel gauntlets-part of a medieval armor worn by knights.

  • Chainmail Armor

    Chainmail Armor by Marto Toledo-medieval armor for sale. Chainmaille. Chain mail armor. Chain mail suits and coif. Medieval armor. Knight armor. Chainmail was used by Roman legionaries, by viking warriors and early medieval knights. Chainmail was often used during Crusades. Chainmail was also favourite armor of various Asian armies (Chine, India, Persia). The main advantage of Chainmail was its flexibility.

  • Suit of Armor

    Suit of Armor by Marto from Toledo-Luxury full armor suits for sale. Knight suits of armor with Templar symbols. Jousting armor. Suits of armor-reproductions of the real museum pieces belonged to a famous kings and nobles. Knight and samurai armor suits. Medieval knight was tank of middle-age battlefields. One knight was as much effective as 7-10 footmen. Suit of armor was used for war but also for knight tournaments (jousting armor). European knight armor-full suite knight armor was made of steel. Japanese samurai armor-Japanese armor was made of leather.

  • Miniature Suit of Armor

    Miniature Suit of Armor by Marto from Toledo. Statuettes of the medieval knights and warriors in full armor. Luxury decorative knight figurines. Awesome and hand made works made in Toledo Spain. Detailed knight statuettes. Medieval knight in full armor was a feared warrior usually deciding the battles in middle-ages. We offer the beautiful mounted knight figurines in detailed armor suits wearing banners and coat of arms.

  • Miniature Helmets

    Miniature Helmets. Mini medieval helmets by Marto Toledo Spain. Knight helmets and licensed helmets from Conan movies.

  • Medieval Costumes

    Medieval Costumes by Marto Swords for sale. Luxury knight costumes and medieval clothes, suits and uniforms. Costumes of Knight Orders: Templar, Hospitaller, St. James, Calatrava and Teutonic costumes. Medieval suits, cloaks and tunics of the famous knights.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 47 items