Marto Swords from Toledo Spain

  • $1,190.00

    King Solomon Sword Deluxe version. Special limited edition sword of the legendary king of Israel. Luxury King Solomon sword. Highly decorated blade. Judaic symbols. 24K gold.

  • $1,090.00

    Deluxe Roman Sword of Julius Caesar by Marto. Special limited edition sword of the ancient Roman Empire. 24K gold decorated gladius. Caesar seal and symbols of the Roman Empire. Luxury and highly collectible Roman gladius sword.

  • $1,090.00

    Deluxe Sword of Emperor Charlemagne (Charles The Great) by Marto swords from Toledo, Spain, Joyeuse sword-Coronation sword of France.

  • $959.00 $1,290.00

    Kamakura Katana Sword, special limited edition of the Japanese samurai sword from the Kamakura period (12th-14th century). 24K gold decorated sword in a beatiful saya (scabbard).

    $959.00 $1,290.00
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  • $449.00

    Excalibur Sword Gold and Silver Marto 752. Famous fantasy sword of King Arthur. Gold and silver fantasy sword from stone. The Marto series of Excalibur commemorates the literary heroes of the classic adventures of King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable.

  • $679.00

    Deluxe sword of Charles the Fifth , Holy Roman Emperor. Limited edition medieval sword. Deluxe sword of Carlos V.

  • $469.00

    Sword of King Richard Lionheart, the famous crusader king by Marto of Toledo Spain has a stainless steel blade with the upper half ornated with engravings in 24K gold. Medieval English sword.

  • $499.00

    Sword Of Archangel Michael by Marto Toledo. Mythical sword of the God's angel of war and justice. Blade decorated by a flames, Michael's portrait in pommel. Religious sword.

  • $790.00

    Conan Atlantean Sword Bronze by Marto Toledo Spain. Licensed Conan sword as seen in Conan movies with Arnorld Schwarzenegger. Bronze plated guard. 41 inches. Marto Certificate.

  • $569.00

    Highlander Connor Katana Sword by MartoToledo. Licensed Highlander Connor MacLeod samurai sword with dragon motif. Authentic Highlander movie replica sword.

  • $699.00

    Peter Pan Rapier word by Marto of Toledo Spain. Officially licensed Sword Of Peter Pan (Peter Pan 2003). 37 inches, stainless steel, gold finish.

  • $459.00

    Masonic Sword Gold by Marto. Golden sword of the Masonic Order. Freemasonry symbols, gold and red finish. Luxury Masonic ceremonial sword. Mason sword.

  • $959.00 $1,199.00

    Alexander The Great Sword made by Marto Toledo Spain. Luxury Greek kopis sword of Alexander, the greatest military leader of all times. Beautiful sword with highly decorated blade. Special limited edition, 24K gold.

    $959.00 $1,199.00
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  • $789.00

    Hercules Sword Gold by Marto. Officially licensed Sword of Hercules. Hercules: The Legendary Journeys replica. Special limited edition, golden sword of Kevin Sorbo.

  • $559.00

    Knights Templar Sword Silver by Marto. Beautiful silver sword of Templar Order. Symbols of Knights Templar-templar cross and seal. Crusader sword. Etched blade. Sword length 118 cms - 46 inches.

  • $1,190.00

    Templar Great Helm. Luxury golden helmet of the Knights Templar. Full size medieval helmet reproduction. Part of a templar armor.

  • $11,570.00

    Templar Knight Suit of Armor-Cross. Full size suit of armor. Templar great helm, shield with cross, armor, cloak and a templar sword. 79 inches. Full medieval armor.

  • $61.00 $79.00

    Damascene Templar Cross Pendant. 24K gold. Templar cross and Sigillum Militum Xristi inscription. Damascene jewelry from Toledo Spain.

    $61.00 $79.00
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  • $659.00

    Spanish Tizona Cup Hilt Rapier by Marto Toledo Spain. True Toledan rapier sword. Beautiful display rapier with a detailed cup hilt. 420 Stainless steel. 45 inches. Legendary sword used by Captains of the Flanders Corps and the courageous Conquerors of America.