Custom Swords

Custom swords, weapons and armor by Marto from Toledo. Get your own custom made sword for your company, organization or a friends.

Custom and Customized Swords

We have the ability to produce in Toledo Spain custom made and customized swords for your organization.  A "customized" sword is one that uses an existing sword design, where a "custom" sword is one that requires a new design entirely.

Customized Swords

Depending on what you want customized will determine any additional costs, minimum order requirement and production time. For example: if all you want is that the existing leafing on the blade be removed so that you can have your engraver engrave your own words/design – then there would not be any additional costs and would require a 10 piece minimum. However if you need to make changes to the existing sword design, then costs will depend on types of changes required and a 100 pieces minimum.  Production time will also vary with the degree of changes requested.

Custom Swords

Totally custom made swords can be produced for you. Cost and production time will vary depending on design requested. There is a 250 pieces minimum for custom swords.

Marto Armory - 100s years of sword making.

For further information on a Custom or Customized Sword please email us with you requirements.

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Contact us for Custom and Customized swords. Please leave a phone number if possible.