Gladiator Swords

Gladiator Swords by Marto Toledo Spain. Authentic Gladiator movie swords. Sword of General Maximus and sword of Tigre. Licensed Gladiator swords. Ancient Roman gladius swords as seen in the movie. Gladiator weapons.

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  • $789.00

    Gladiator Sword of Genral Maximus Decimus Meridius played by Russell Crowe. Officially licensed Gladiator movie sword with certificate, limited edition. Luxury Roman gladius sword as seen in movie.

  • $399.00

    Gladiator Sword of Tigre. Authentic, oficially licensed Gladiator movie sword. Sword of Tigre played by Sven-Ole Thorsen. Luxury ancient Roman gladius sword used for gladiator games. Gladiator weapons.

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items