Licensed Movie Swords by Marto Toledo

Licensed Movie Swords by Marto Toledo. Marto Toledo Spain is a licence owner for various movie swords like Conan swords, Highlander swords, Excalibur swords, Xena and Hercules swords, Alexander swords and many more.

Marto is the most famous designer and producer of the famous movie and TV swords and weapons. US presidents and businessmen are used to buy in Marto for their personal collections.

Marto movie swords are top quality weapons, often decorated by 24K gold and sterling silver.

Conan swords
Marto produces Atlantean sword and Father swords, various Conan daggers, armor and weapons.

Highlander swords
Highlander swords line contains Connor Mac Leod katana, his medieval sword and various rapier swords from the Highlandermovies and TV series.

Excalibur swords
Excalibur sword line contains Excalibur, sword of king Arthur which was pulled out of stone and swords of other Knights of the Round table.

Xena swords
Marto is selling licensed fantasy sword of Xena and her katana swords as well as katana of Gabrielle from the famous TV series.

Hercules swords
Marto created a beautiful gold and silver sword worn by Herules in the Legendary Journeys series.

Alexander swords
Beautiful ancient swords as seen in the Alexander movie. Sword of Alexander the Great and sword of his generals.

Gladiator swords
Marto created an exact replicas of the sword worn by Maximus Decimus Meridius in the gladiator movie and sword of Tigre, the gladiator.

Zorro swords
Zorro swords as seen in movies with Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones but also from the old series with Guy Williams.

Peter Pan swords
Beautiful golden pirate rapiers as seen in the Peter Pan movie.

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