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Sword reviews

King Solomon Sword Review

I bought the King Solomon sword for our synagogue. The sword is simply huge, beautiful and perfect! Thank you very much.

Review by David

Alexander The Great Sword Review

The sword is beautiful but it also looks so elegant and so lethal. I like the sword shape. The decorated blade with the of ancient symbols is a great idea. This is one of the best swords i ever seen.

Review by Tom Lacroix

Deluxe Sword of Charlemagne Review

I just got mine sword and could not be happier with it. I love history, i love medieval times and European empires. The sword of Charles Great is totally awesome artwork.

Review by Martin Woods

Conan Sword Review

I bought a Conan Atlantean sword for about 100 dollars a few months ago. I got a damaged blade and handle with a plastic parts. It was total waste of my money. Now i got the same sword from Marto. This Conan sword is totally different. It was well packed, the blade is intact and the materials are bit different too. If you want to get a sword made of steel with bronze fittings rather than a plastic Chinese crap - buy the sword from Toledo. Paul, Tours, France

Review by Paul Beaumont

Templar Sword Silver Review

Ideal sword for all serious templar fans. Silver handle with an awesome blade with all templar symbols. I bought this templar sword for my father. He was totally happy :).

Review by James Doherty

Roman Sword of Julius Caesar Review

Trully majestic sword. I like the detailed hilt and beautiful blade with the all Roman symbols.

Review by Thomas Varela

Excalibur Sword Review

This Excalibur is a very nice fantasy sword with nicely decorated blade. I like it pretty much and my husband was pretty happy. Thanks.

Review by Sarah Maine

Xena Katana Sword Review

I bought this Xena katana together with Gabrielle katana. The swords are beautiful pieces exactly as seen in Xena. My Xena collection is complete now. Thank you so much.

Review by Jessica Wong

American Liberty Sword Review

I hanged the sword in my law office. It is a perfect piece of work made in Spain. I trully like the symbols of law, justice and freedom. Thank you very much for the perfect product.

Review by Bob Henderson