Marto Swords Toledo Store Info

MARTO SWORDS TOLEDO is an online store selling Marto Swords imported from Toledo in Spain.  We sell to companies and individuals.

We offer legendary swords from various historical periods made by the museum originals.

Our company is located in USA, New Jersey. We ship worldwide.

Contact us. Please leave a phone number if possible.

If you ask for a delivery time, never forget to mention your location!

Product categories

Swords, sabres, rapiers, daggers.

Armor, costumes, gifts and historical collectibles.

Why to BUY Swords in our store?

We sell an unique swords, sabres, armors and gifts. Our swords have an unique meaning.

Sword was always symbol of power, loyalty and it was used during various ceremonies as a gift, proof of respect, during accolade and investiture ceremonies.

Marto swords are true art works. Many Marto swords are decorated by silver and by 24K gold. Read Marto sword reviews here.

Sword is an unique and the best gift for men.

Custom swords

If you cannot locate the best sword or a sabre for your needs, we offer a special service-Custom and customized swords.

Lets imagine you can place your own company logo, name or phrase on the sword. You can even set your own sword size, shape and other details.