Marto sword Frequently Asked Questions. Marto sword steel and certificate. Selling sword online tips. Are Marto swords battle ready?

Who is Marto?
Marto is a sword manufacturer located in Toledo Spain. Marto company was founded in 1961 and it creates no doubt the best collectible swords in the world. Marto swords are piece of a beautiful artowork. Marto products are often reproduction of a real swords and armor from European museums.

Who we are?
We are USA Marto dealer and distributor. We ship from warehouses in New Jersey and Maryland.

Are Marto swords battle ready?
Marto swords are made as a high quality decorative swords for display.

Marto sword steel?
Marto swords are made of 420 stainless steel. Sword blades and hilts are often decorated by gold and silver.

Do we buy swords? Where to sell sword online?
No! We are sword seller, we do not buy swords. Selling sword online is easy. If you found an old sword in your house you can sell it on eBay or in an another auction or classifieds site. You can also try sword forums, they usally have a buy/sell sections.

Do you ship Marto swords worldwide?
We try to ship Marto swords anywhere with a few exception. We ship to all US states. We ship to Latin America. We ship to Europe except Russia and Ukraine. We ship to Australia, New Zealand and to South Africa.

Shipping cost?
Many customers asking us for shipping cost estimation. If you are interested in a shipping quote you have to supply your location and the exact sword model.
We charge $19 shipping fee per USA order. We offer free shipping for US orders over $500.
International shipping: Gladius shipping cost to Europe is about $50 but two handed sword shipping cost to Australia can be about $300 or even more. Please specify your location and sword model in your enquiry.

Marto sword certificate.
Many people asking us to send them Marto certificate. If you bought a Marto sword elsewhere and it was supplied without certificate you have to contact your seller to supply your certificte. Please understand that we cannot send certifitates on demand without having your order on hand.

Marto sword certification.
Each Marto sword has "Marto swords", "Marto" or artistic "M" reminding crown engraved on its blade. Some unethical sellers (often on eBay) offer a fake "Marto blades" at a low price but these blades are poor quality imitations and they lack the original Marto stamps.